How to create a Line Item Accrual report and export it to a Manual Journal

How to create a Line Item Accrual report and export it to a Manual Journal

Creating Accruals* in ApprovalMax is a straightforward process that helps maintaining accurate financial data. 
Accruals in ApprovalMax on Line Item level provide a comprehensive solution that allows you to create Accrual reports, generate journals based on them, submit them for approval and, ultimately, post them to Xero.
This functionality is currently available in beta. Please contact support if you'd like to try it.

  1. In the main menu, open your Organisation and navigate to the Line Item Reports page under the Reports section in ApprovalMax:

  2. Click on the NEW REPORT button:

  3. Depending on your requirement, select the relevant report: either the Purchase Order report or the Bill Line Item report:

  4. Apply the available filters, such as request status, matching, remaining balance, GRN status and others, to refine your report:

  5. Decide which columns you want to be visible:

  6. Name your report and click on the CREATE button: 
  7. To create an Accruals Journal, click on the CREATE ACCRUALS JOURNAL button:
  8. In the pop-up window you'll need to specify details like the narration, date, accrual account and also choose between gross or net amounts, which should be incorporated into the lines of the Manual Journal:

    Once all necessary details have been added, click on the CREATE button. This will generate a new Manual Journal in ApprovalMax.

The newly created Journal can be reviewed for accuracy. When all is correct, you can submit it for approval in ApprovalMax:

Once all approvals have been collected, the Manual Journal will be pushed to Xero:

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