How to create an Expense

How to create an Expense

  1. To create an Expense in ApprovalMax, you first need to set up and activate an Expense Creation and Approval workflow:

    In the section Expense Creation, you can specify all users who will be allowed to create Expense approval requests. By adding requesters to the Expense Creation step in the Expense Creation and Approval workflow, they get access to Expense Creation in ApprovalMax via the button
  2. In your Organisation, select "Expense" and click on CREATE A REQUEST:
  3. You can now create an Expense approval request: 

  4. Fill in the mandatory data such as Payment Account, Payment Type, Date, Category/Item:
Please note: the list of Payees in ApprovalMax is synced based on the specified Payee type.
If you decide to use a Payee, first select the Payee type and then the Payee.


Note, that only corresponding Payee/Payment accounts will be displayed based on the currency
When ready, click on the “Submit for approval” button.
  1. Once submitted, the Expense request will run through the predefined approval workflow. When all approvals are in place, the Expense will be pushed to QuickBooks Online.
     A detailed audit trail of the entire workflow will be included.

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