How to create an ApprovalMax URL field in NetSuite

How to create an ApprovalMax URL field in NetSuite

When viewing a Vendor Bill in NetSuite, it's quite often necessary to understand what's happening with its approval.
Instead of having to find a particular Bill in ApprovalMax manually, a direct link to ApprovalMax in the NetSuite bill form comes in very handy.

ApprovalMax can put such URLs into NetSuite but first a custom field for this needs to be created in NetSuite.
For this, go to NetSuite Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Transaction Body Fields and create a new custom field with the following parameters:
  1. Label = ApprovalMax URL
  2. ID = approvalmaxurl (it will be saved as custbodyapprovalmaxurl, so don't worry we will use it)
  3. Type = Hyperlink
  4. Applies to: Purchase

Next, go to NetSuite Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms and select your preferred Vendor Bill Form:

In the selected form:
  1. Navigate to the Screen Fields subtab 
  2. Click on the Move Elements Between Subtabs button
  3. Navigate to the Custom tab
  4. Select the Main subtab for the ApprovalMax URL field
  5. Save the form

Now open any Vendor Bill with your preferred Vendor Bill form and check that the ApprovalMax URL field is visible:

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