How to create a Batch Payment

How to create a Batch Payment

How to enable Batch Payment creation:

To enable the creation of Batch Payment requests in ApprovalMax, the Batch Payment Creation and Approval workflow needs to be set up and activated:

In the Payment Creation section, you can specify all users who will be able to create Batch Payment approval requests.

Please note: Batch Payment Requesters can see all Approved and Awaiting Payment Bills as specified in the Requester matrix settings, irrespective of the Bill Creation, Review and Approval workflow setup.

How to create a Batch Payment:

All Requesters you add to the Payment Creation step in the Batch Payment Creation, and Approval workflow get access to Batch Payment creation in ApprovalMax by clicking on   :

In your Organisation, select Batch Payment and click on CREATE A REQUEST.

Please note: to have all Bills from Xero pulled to ApprovalMax for further management with the Batch Payment Creation and Approval workflow, you need to activate the option “Fraud detection – bypass the approval workflow” in a Bill Creation, Review and Approval workflow.

You can now add Bills to the Batch Payment request by simply clicking on the ADD BILLS button:

Tick the checkbox next to the Bills you want to add to the Batch Payment and click on ADD in the top right-hand corner. You can use filters to select Bills with specific criteria:

When all Bills have been added, specify the Payment Date and the Bank Account (header level) from which you want to pay:

On the item level, you can optionally specify Details or a Bank Account for the payment. These details are auto-filled from a customer record, if set.

ApprovalMax supports partial payments for Xero Bills. You can specify the amount to be paid in the Payment field.

When ready, click on the “Submit for approval” button.

When you submit the Batch Payment request for approval, it will run through the predefined workflow. Once all approvals are in place, the Batch Payment is pushed to Xero, and those Bills that have been fully paid (the Amount Due, i.e. the amount left to pay, is zero) change their status to Paid.

A detailed audit trail of the entire workflow will be included.

Important note: audit reports are not transferred to Xero due to Xero API restrictions.