How can I copy rules from one user to another? (Xero)

How can I copy rules from one user to another? (Xero)

ApprovalMax provides Organisation Administrators with the option to copy rules between Requesters, Approvers or Reviewers within the same step and matrix  and as well different steps of the same approval workflow.

Here is how this can be done :
  1. In the main menu, select the Organisation in which you want to copy rules between users. Then go to "Approval workflows"  page under "Workflows and settings" section:

  2. Select the approval workflow in which you want to copy rules:

  3. Select the step in which you want to copy rules and click on the matrix icon:

  4. In the matrix, click on the three-dot icon next to the user you want to copy rules from and then click on "Copy rule to user":

  5. In the pop-up, choose the columns  you want to copy and click on "NEXT":

  6. Tick the checkboxes next to those users you want to copy the rules to and specify steps:

    You can add users to the matrix from this window by clicking on the  icon. Type in a user's email address and then click on the "ADD A USER" button.

Please note: if you have added a user in the " Step 2: Choose users & steps to copy to" window but did not tick the checkbox next to this user to copy rules, the user will be added to the matrix without any restrictions.

  1. When all users are selected, click on the "COPY RULE" button. The rules from the previously specified user will now be replicated to all selected:

Please note: the copied rules will overwrite the existing rules in the Requester/Approver/Reviewer matrix.
Please note: if you replicate/add Reviewers, these users must be added as Approvers in the first step as well.
Please note: Auto-approval rules cannot be copied.