How can I apply for Partner status?

How can I apply for Partner status?

To apply for Partner status, log into your ApprovalMax account and follow the link

  1. On the Partner Portal page, click on the APPLY NOW button:

  2. Fill in the required information and submit your application:

  3. Next, you'll be prompted to sign our Partner Agreement. To do so, click on PROCEED TO AGREEMENT SIGNING:

  4. Please review the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure, tick the checkbox, and then click on AGREE & CONTINUE.

  5. Next: complete your details, add your electronic signature to the agreement, and click on FINISH.

  6. Once completed, either download the signed agreement or have it sent to you by email:

  7. We will email you a confirmation of your Partner application submission:

  8. ApprovalMax will verify the eligibility of your Partner application, and approve the Partner status accordingly.

  9. You'll then receive a confirmation email in due course:

  10. The Partner application process is now completed.

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