How can I apply for Partner status?

How can I apply for Partner status?

In order to apply for Partner status, log into your ApprovalMax account and follow the link

On the Partner Portal page, click on the "APPLY NOW" button:

Fill in the required information and submit your application:

Next, you'll be prompted to sign our Partner Agreement. To do so, click on "PROCEED TO AGREEMENT SIGNING":

Read the "Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure", tick the checkbox and click on "Agree & Continue":

Fill in your details, sign the agreement and click on "Finish":

You can now download the signed agreement, or have it emailed to you:

You'll receive a confirmation of your Partner application submission:

ApprovalMax will verify the eligibility of your Partner application, and approve the Partner status accordingly.

You'll receive a confirmation email:

Then, the Partner application process is finalised.

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