How does the direct Dext integration differ from the integration with Dext via Xero?

How does the direct Dext integration differ from the integration with Dext via Xero?

Integrating your Dext account with your ApprovalMax Organisation allows you to submit cost items for authorisation before creating them in Xero. Such approval requests will run through the pre-defined "Bill creation, review and approval" workflow in ApprovalMax immediately.

Authorised requests will be created in Xero as Bills in the status “Awaiting Payment”, with the original file and an audit report attached. Rejected requests will remain in your ApprovalMax account. Via the “Open original document” link, you can open and republish/delete cost item/expense reports in Dext.

Cost items submitted to Dext as "Paid" will be created in Xero after full authorisation in ApprovalMax, also in the status "Paid". A respective payment would be initiated from the bank account that has been selected in Dext as the Payment Method.


Please note: Bill approvals are supported in the direct Dext–ApprovalMax–Xero integration, while bank account transactions bypass ApprovalMax and get created directly in the connected Xero Organisation.

The main benefits of using direct integration are:
  1. Additional security (non-approved transactions will not go to Xero)
  2. Handling paid Bills (transactions marked as "Paid" in Dext will be automatically created as paid Bills in Xero once they have been fully approved in ApprovalMax)
  3. Rejected Bills won't appear in Xero

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