How often is data synced with Dext?

How often is data synced with Dext?

New documents

ApprovalMax pulls all new cost items captured by Dext and published as awaiting approval immediately. All documents Dext pushes to ApprovalMax go straightaway through the predefined "Bill review and approval" workflow.

The synchronisation of changes

Once every 24 hours, Dext pushes to ApprovalMax any changes that have been made to documents, such as:
  1. Accounts (GL codes)
  2. Contacts
  3. Tax rates
  4. Bank accounts
  5. Tracking options (names and values)
To speed up this process, the Administrator of an Organisation can force the synchronisation manually in Dext. To do so, click on the "Reload" button in the Suppliers tab or on the "Reload all lists" in the Lists tab.

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