How is a lock date handled in QuickBooks Online?

How is a lock date handled in QuickBooks Online?

What is a lock date in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online offers the option to "Close the Books" by finalising financial statements for a specified period, with password protection to prevent any alterations to that information. By setting a lock/closing date in QuickBooks Online, you can stop people from making changes to transactions which were done during a past period. After you've determined a closing date, users cannot add or edit any transactions in QuickBooks Online if the transaction date is earlier than the closing date.

Learn more about lock dates here.

How ApprovalMax handles documents with a lock date (closing date)

Administrators of a QuickBooks Online Organisation have the choice of two options for the handling of documents with a date prior to the lock date:
  • Either such documents are blocked from approval until their date gets changed manually in QuickBooks Online or ApprovalMax
  • Or their date gets automatically changed to "Lock date + 1 day" after approval
This is how it works:
In the "Bill creation and approval" workflow, click on the gear icon (⚙):

Select your preferred option:

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