How does the approval of Batch Payments work?

How does the approval of Batch Payments work?

In ApprovalMax, you can configure a multi-step approval workflow for Batch Payments. This is a separate workflow that you need to set up and activate to use the Batch Payment approval process in ApprovalMax.


This is how it works:

  1. New Batch Payment requests are created and submitted for approval in ApprovalMax by selected Requesters. To update a request after submission, its Requester can edit and resubmit it for approval.

  2. ApprovalMax starts the multi-step approval workflow as predefined for Batch Payments in ApprovalMax.
    Batch Payment requests are assigned to the specified Approvers (based on the approval rules: Requester, Amount, Supplier, etc.).

  3. The respective managers get notified that their approval is required and make their decision.

  4. When all approvals are in place, the Batch Payment status changes to Approved, the audit report is automatically generated in ApprovalMax, and the Batch Payment is pushed to Xero.

    Important note: audit reports are not transferred to Xero due to Xero API restrictions.

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