How does Price Checker work?

How does Price Checker work?

Price Checker provides price comparison for each line item in an approval request, based on the inventory list prices as per Xero's Products and services catalogue. It identifies and highlights the price discrepancy by applying color labels to such line items of the request.

Price Checker is generally available for Bills pulled from Xero. 

This is how you configure the Price Checker feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation: 
1. Set up the Product and Services catalogue (formerly called Inventory) in Xero. 
You can learn more about that in the Xero Central portal.

2. Once the Product and Services catalogue has been set up, you can add items to Bills in Xero before submitting your request for approval.

Alternatively, Reviewers in ApprovalMax can pick the respective inventory items for the submitted line items in the Review step. 

Please note: to enable the option for picking items in ApprovalMax, open the review and coding matrix in the first step of the Bill Review and Approval workflow and set the Item field to optional (select "Field is optional").

3. If a price discrepancy is detected, such lines will be highlighted with differently coloured lables: yellow (less than 5%), orange (5-25%), or red (more than 25%).
The coloured Price Checker labels and a pop-up with the price comparison will be displayed in the request preview for Approvers and Reviewers as well as in edit mode for Reviewers.

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