How does 2FA work on mobile devices?

How does 2FA work on mobile devices?

2FA is mandatory only for Xero users as per Xero restrictions, while Pin/Face ID is mandatory for all users. If you have enabled both Pin/Face ID and 2FA, you'll have to use both for authentication when you log into the system.

You won't have to enter a code when you close the app because closing the app does not log you out from your account. As long as you remain logged in, you can close and reopen the app without entering a 2FA code.

Here is how 2FA can be set up on mobile devices:
  1. To enable two-factor authentication, click on the  button:

  2. Download the Authenticator app to your smartphone and enter the copied key
    Authenticator applications can be:

    Google Authenticator ( Android iOS), Duo Mobile ( Android iOS), Microsoft Authenticator ( Android iOS), FreeOTP ( Android iOS), Authy ( Android iOS),  Windows Authenticator.

    Please note
    : if you close this window and start the 2FA setup from scratch, the key will be updated.

  3. Next, choose an alternative 2FA option and click on  or :
  4. If you choose backup codes as the alternative option, download the codes, confirm the download and then click on :

    If you choose backup email as the alternative option, add an alternative email address and confirm it with the code sent to this address:

  5. As a result you'll see a message confirming that your 2FA has been enabled: