How can I transfer my account?

How can I transfer my account?

Account Owners can initiate an account transfer to any user (irrespective of that user holding an account or not). 

An account transfer also transfers all subscriptions and all Organisations under that account.
A transfer of account might be required in the following cases:
  1. An employee is leaving your organisation and wants someone else to take over.
  2. Your organisation is changing its domain name and, therefore, sets up new email addresses for all users.

This is how an Account Owner initiates a transfer:

  1. Account Owners can transfer their account from the Account Details tab on the Billing & Subscriptions page by clicking on “Transfer the account” under the three-dots button:

  2. Next, enter the email address of the new Account Owner and confirm it, then read carefully and tick the checkbox to confirm the transfer before clicking on TRANSFER ACCOUNT:
  3. All information about initiated transfers and their current status is visible under the Transfers tab on the Billing & Subscriptions page:

    From this page, you can also cancel a transfer if required.

  4. If the person to whom the account is being transferred has an account, they can accept or cancel the transfer under the Transfers tab on the Billing & Subscriptions page. If accepted, all information from the source, such as Organisations, subscriptions and history, will be merged into the existing account.

    If the new Account Owner doesn’t have an account, they need to visit There they will see the information about the account in transfer and will have the option to accept or decline this transfer:

    If the transfer is accepted, the account will be created automatically and all information from the source account is moved. The account ID remains the same.

  5. An email notification about the transfer will be sent to both the previous Account Owner and the person to whom the account is being transferred:

  6. The new Account Owner will be able to see all account details on the Billing & Subscriptions page:

Please note: the previous Account Owner will become an Administrator in all Organisations under the transferred account and if he/she had a role in approval workflows, it will remain. If you want to remove this user from the Organisation and workflows, please use the offboarding feature.

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