How can I transfer an Organisation to another subscription?

How can I transfer an Organisation to another subscription?

Organisations can be moved between subscriptions as long as the subscriptions are compatible. This means, for example, that an Organisation with stand-alone workflows can only be transferred to a subscription under a "Premium Edition" plan but not to a subscription under a "Standard Edition" plan.

Unless stand-alone workflows are no longer needed, a Xero-connected Organisation can only be transferred to a subscription under the "ApprovalMax for Xero Standard" and "ApprovalMax for Xero Premium" plans; it cannot be moved to a subscription under "ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online" Standard or Premium plans.

This is how you transfer an Organisation between subscriptions under your account:
  • In the ApprovalMax product interface, click on "Billing & Subscriptions" under your initials/logo in the top right-hand corner:

  • Go to the "Organisations" tab.
  • Click on the three-dots menu next to the Organisation you want to move:

  • Select the target subscription and confirm the transfer:

If you'd like to transfer an Organisation between different accounts, please contact us on and provide us with the following information: 
  1. Email address of the current account owner
  2. Name of the Organisation/s
  3. Target account

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