How can I set up an approval workflow for travel requests, and how do I create a travel request?

How can I set up an approval workflow for travel requests, and how do I create a travel request?

ApprovalMax also supports other types of workflows, e.g., for the approval of contracts or travel requests.

This is how you can set up a workflow for travel requests:
  1. Click on the "CREATE" button to create a new workflow:

  2. Add Requesters and Approvers, specify rules and conditions, and then activate the workflow.

  3. In the approval matrix, you can create additional fields (such as Per Diems, Country, City, Days) and set up rules for the Approvers based on the conditions preset in these fields:  

  4. To create a travel request, click on the "CREATE NEW" button and select "Travel request approval". 

  5. Fill in the details and submit the request for approval. 

  6. After submitting the request, optionally, you can leave a comment for the Approver.


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