How can I restrict the Requesters of Xero Bills?

How can I restrict the Requesters of Xero Bills?

ApprovalMax allows restricting Requesters in terms of what data they can see and operate with when creating Bills directly in ApprovalMax. For example, access rights for the creation of Bills can be configured so that a particular Requester is allowed to select only particular Suppliers or a particular Cost Center (set as the Tracking Category in Xero).

This is how you can restrict a Requester:
  1. Click on the “matrix” icon  in the first step of the workflow to open the "Requester matrix".
  2. Add the Requesters who will be allowed to create Bills.
  3. Specify the restriction criteria, such as: Supplier, Account (GL Code), Tracking Codes, Item, Tax.
  4. Click on "Done" and save your changes.

    Note: In some cases, you can choose whether the field should be mandatory or optional for Requester to fill in during Bill creation:

    Supplier field is always mandatory.

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