How can I restrict the Requesters of QuickBooks Online Journal Entries?

How can I restrict the Requesters of QuickBooks Online Journal Entries?

ApprovalMax allows to restrict Requesters in terms of what data they're able to see and work with when creating Journal Entries. You can, for example, configure their access rights for Journal Entry creation in a way that individual Requesters are only allowed to select certain Vendors or a particular Location.

This is how you can restrict Requesters:

  1. In the main menu select your Organisation and open the "Approval Workflows" page under "Workflows and Settings" section:
  1. Select and open the respective workflow.
  2.  In the Journal Entry Creation step, click on the matrix icon :
  3. Add the Requesters who will be allowed to create Journal Entries.
  4. Specify the restriction criteria, such as: Vendor, Customer, Employee, Account, Currency, Location or Class:

  5. Click on DONE to save your changes and update the workflow.
Please note: for some fields you can decide whether they should be mandatory or optional for Requesters to fill in during Journal Entry creation:

The fields Vendor, Customer, Employee, Account and Currency are always mandatory.

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