How can I publish documents from Dext to ApprovalMax?

How can I publish documents from Dext to ApprovalMax?

Any cost item captured with Dext can be published to ApprovalMax if it is set as:
  1. Receipt
  2. ATM
  3. Other
  4. Invoice
  5. Statement
  6. Delivery note
  7. Mileage
However, cost items of the "Credit note/Refund" type are currently not supported.
Please note: only the type "Invoice" allows you to set the Bill number and a due date. In all other cases, Dext will generate the Bill number automatically and set the Bill date as the due date. 

The documents pushed from Dext to ApprovalMax will only go through the predefined "Bill review and approval" workflow if the value "Invoice" has been selected as the "Publish to" destination.


If no bank account was specified in Payment Methods, Bills fully approved in ApprovalMax get pushed to Xero in the status "Awaiting Payment". The original file and an audit report, are attached to the created Bill in Xero.

After their final approval in ApprovalMax, cost items submitted as "Paid"  are published to Xero in the status "Paid". The related payment is generated against the bank account selected in Dext as the payment method.

Please note: selected valid payment method would result in Paid Bill being created upon the final approval of the Request in ApprovalMax even if the flag "Paid" was not set.
Expense reports that get published to ApprovalMax are considered to be Invoices (Bills); the supplier for expense reports is generated as "[User Name] - Expense report".