How can I match Bills with their initial Purchase Orders?

How can I match Bills with their initial Purchase Orders?

The current Bill Approver, Purchase Order Requester, or the Administrator can match Bills and approved Purchase Orders with the same currency and supplier up to that point where the Bill got approved / the Purchase Order was closed - provided the Organisation's Administrator has enabled the Bill to PO Matching feature. 

This is how you match a Bill to the corresponding Purchase Order:

  • Click on the button 


  • Select the matching pattern: either match multiple Bills to one Purchase Order, or one Bill to multiple Purchase Orders.

    Please note: in the current matching version we do not support many-to-many matching pattern. This means, if a Bill was already matched to a Purchase Order using the matching pattern One Bill to many Purchase Orders, you will not be able to match the same Purchase Order to yet another Bill.
    Please note: many-to-many matching pattern is supported only as a part of Advanced Matching.
  • Select which Purchase Orders are to be matched with a Bill. You can open the respective Purchase Order to see more details by clicking on "Open".

  • When you're ready, click on "DONE".

  • The Bill Approver will be offered to add the Purchase Order Requester as an Approver for the Bill:


  • All matching information is shown in the Bill:

  • If necessary, the Bill Approver can change the matching to fix an error by clicking on the   button.

    The Bill Approver can also either remove the matching (untick the checkbox) or select a new Purchase Order to match with.
    Please note: a match can be changed right until the Bill has been approved / the Purchase Order is marked as "Billed" (the "Billed" status can be revised in ApprovalMax).
    Please note: in Advanced Matching Organisation admin can edit matching at any step, even if a Bill is approved. 



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