How can I establish a connection between Dext, ApprovalMax and QuickBooks Online?

How can I establish a connection between Dext, ApprovalMax and QuickBooks Online?

Integrating Dext with your ApprovalMax "Bill creation and approval" workflow enables Dext to push cost item directly to ApprovalMax. ApprovalMax will then run the predefined "Bill creation and approval" workflow for such bills and, after their final approval, push them to QuickBooks Online. 

Prepare ApprovalMax for the connection to Dext

For this connection you must have an active ApprovalMax subscription, or start a new trial Organisation .
Use your existing QuickBooks Online Organisation or connect a new Organisation to QuickBooks Online .

Prepare Dext for the connection to ApprovalMax

Connect your Dext account to your ApprovalMax Organisation

In Dext, go to Manage > Connections > Integrations

Click on the button "Choose Software" 
Select ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online.

Log into your ApprovalMax account, if required, then click "Connect to ApprovalMax".

Select a valid Organisation with an active QuickBooks Online connection and click on "ALLOW ACCESS".

Once the connection has been established, relevant QuickBooks Online information will be synced to your Dext account so that you can select the respective values in the drop-down fields.
Now, configure the default settings for this integration (including tax and publishing preferences).

Please note: we currently support expenses only.

Define additional settings for documents captured with Dext

Go to My Profile > Account Details

Here, you can set your preferred currency and tax extraction preferences.

The steps above are the minimal requirement for this setup and a prerequisite for enabling Dext to publish documents to ApprovalMax .