How can I enable the creation of Suppliers in ApprovalMax?

How can I enable the creation of Suppliers in ApprovalMax?

ApprovalMax allows the creation of new Suppliers right within the platform before they're being processed in Xero and added to the Xero Supplier list.

This is how you configure ApprovalMax to enable Requesters to create new Suppliers:
  1. Select your Organisation in the main menu. Then, open the "Approval workflows" page under "Workflows and settings" section:

  2. Go to the Purchase Order/ Bill workflow.
  3. In the first step, click on the "matrix"   icon. This will open the Requester matrix.

  4. Select “Any existing Contact” (default option) next to the person who you want to authorise for the purpose of Supplier creation and tick the checkbox “Allow to create new Contacts”.

  5. Click on "Done".
Now, this person will see the entry "New Contact" in the drop-down list.

Important note:
In Xero, a Contact is recognized as a Supplier only after a Bill addressed to that Contact has been received. From a technical standpoint, while ApprovalMax allows for the creation of Contacts, it does not create Suppliers in the specific Xero terminology.

This means that a newly created Contact will not appear right away in the Supplier list. However, as part of the Purchase Order creation, we're using the terms Supplier and Contact to better reflect the way in which these new Contacts will be used.
Please note: You can restrict the PO Requester from viewing Bank Details during Supplier creation in ApprovalMax.