How can I create a Bill in ApprovalMax? (NetSuite)

How can I create a Bill in ApprovalMax? (NetSuite)

To create a Bill in ApprovalMax, click on the NEW REQUEST button in the top right-hand corner near your avatar: 

In the pop-up window, select the request type from the respective Organisation and click on CREATE A REQUEST:

The Bill request form looks similar to the form in other accounting systems.
Specify the information such as Vendor, Item, quantity, etc. (the Item details are normally synced from NetSuite):

You can add attachments to a Bill by clicking on Add an Attachment under FILES:

To add a line, click on + Add a Line.
You can copy a line by clicking on the icon and selecting Clone a Line, or remove a line by selecting Remove a Line.

To move a Line Item, click on the icon and do so via drag and drop.

When you're done and now want to proceed with the Bill's approval, click on the    button.
To save your changes as a draft, click on the  icon.
If you want to delete or cancel the Bill, click on the  icon. 

When you simply close the Bill request form, it will be automatically saved as a draft.

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