How can I connect ApprovalMax to Xero?

How can I connect ApprovalMax to Xero?

This is how you connect ApprovalMax to Xero:
  1. In your ApprovalMax Organisation, open the Approval workflows.
  2. Click on the button "Connect" next to Approval workflows for Xero.

  1. Authorise ApprovalMax in Xero.

  2. Select the Xero organisation you want to connect to.

There is another way to connect your ApprovalMax Organisation to a Xero organisation:
  1. Open Organisation name > Organisation.
  2. There, click on the button "Connect".


Now, your ApprovalMax Organisation is connected to the Xero organisation, and you can set up approval workflows.

Security note: ApprovalMax does not store your Xero credentials. We are using oAuth, the open standard for authorisation, which enables 100% safe and secure delegated access.

Feel free to watch our video on how to connect to Xero.

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