How can I connect ApprovalMax to QuickBooks Online?

How can I connect ApprovalMax to QuickBooks Online?

This is how you connect ApprovalMax to QuickBooks Online:
  • Open the main menu, select your Organisation and navigate to "Approval workflows" page under "Workflows and settings" section:

  • Click on the button "Connect" next to Approval workflows for QuickBooks Online.
  • Authorise ApprovalMax in QuickBooks Online.

  • Select the QuickBooks Online organisation you want to connect to.
  • That’s it!

    Alternatively, you can connect from "Organisation settings and Connection" page:

    Now, your ApprovalMax Organisation is connected to the QuickBooks Online organisation, and you can set up an approval workflow.

    Security note: ApprovalMax does not store your QuickBooks Online credentials. We are using oAuth, the open standard for authorisation, which enables 100% safe and secure delegated access.

    Feel free to watch our video on how to connect to QuickBooks Online.