How can I change Approvers for a particular request on the fly?

How can I change Approvers for a particular request on the fly?

Who can change Approvers on the fly:

It is possible to change the Approvers for particular requests without having to modify the whole approval workflow every time. Administrators, Approvers and Requesters of an Organisation have different privileges in terms of changing Approvers: 

1. ApprovalMax provides Administrators with the option to adjust the specified Approvers for a running request in order to handle exceptional, non-standard situations.
An Organisation's Administrator can:
·         Add any Approver
·         Remove any Approver

2. Approvers can:
·         Add other Approvers from their Organisation
·         Remove the ones they have previously added
·         Reassign requests to another Approver

However, Approvers cannot remove Approvers that were added by approval workflow rules or by someone else (these are marked with a “Locked” icon).
Please note: the option to add another Approver is available to Approvers who the “All” approval condition has been set for in the approval step.
If the “Any of” approval condition has been selected, the "Change Approvers" button is not available.

Please note: only the approval authority can be reassigned. If the original Approver is also a Bill Reviewer (as set in the Xero Reviewer matrix for the Bill workflow out of Review step) but the target Approver has not been added as a Reviewer, they won't be able to edit Bills.

3. Requesters can:
·         Add other Approvers from their Organisation to any step
·         Remove the ones they have previously added

Please note: the option to add a Requester as an Approver is not available for steps with any “All”/“Any of” approval conditions.

This is how you change an Approver (add or remove):

Click on the “Change Approvers” button, which is located under the approval step, next to the last Approver.

This button is not available:
·         In closed approval requests
·         In steps that already have been approved or rejected
·         For Approvers/Requesters in steps for which the “Any of” approval condition has been selected
 Add or remove the respective Approver and click on "DONE".

This is how you reassign a request to another Approver:

Click on the "Reassign" button.

Select an Approver and click on