How Bill review/ editing can be set up?

How Bill review/ editing can be set up?

Out of Review step functionality, ApprovalMax allows Approvers of the first step added as Reviewers to review and edit a Bill during the approval process.
In order to configure Bill review and coding, follow the steps below:
  1. In the main menu select your Organisation and open "Approval workflows" page under "Workflows and settings" section:

  2. Click on the Bill workflow:

Click on "Reviewers" and add the persons who will be able to change certain fields before the approval decision.
Note:  Reviewer must be added as an approver in the first step to make any changes.

If Reviewers have restrictions to set certain fields, they must edit a Bill with the values set in the Reviewer matrix. You can choose if the field should be mandatory/optional or read-only.

Update the approval workflow to save your changes.

Now, Approvers who were also added to the "Review and coding matrix" can change certain Bill fields, according to the defined rules.

Fields available for changing are:
  1. Tax
  2. Account
  3. Tracking category
  4. Qty
  5. Price*
  6. Bill attachments**

*The total Bill amount for each line item should not be changed if the fields Qty, Price or Tax have been changed; otherwise, you will see a message:

** Reviewer can also add/remove Bill attachments during review. 

Please note: Bill editing is only available in the very first step of the approval process. It is designed this way to ensure compliance — to make sure that a Bill is not changed after its approval by a particular Approver.
Please note: There is no specific order for the Reviewers to check the Bill. However, if a Reviewer makes changes and the other Approvers in the step had approved the Bill, then the approval process will be started from scratch.

*On request, there is a feature for changing the Item Description available (under Beta key). Please contact Customer Support team if you’d be interested to give it a try. 

With the Bill creation feature, it is possible to completely create a new Bill in ApprovalMax instead of pulling them from Xero or Dext.

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