What does an Airwallex Batch Payment approval process look like?

What does an Airwallex Batch Payment approval process look like?

  1. Airwallex Batch Payments are created by the respective Requesters in ApprovalMax: only Approved and Not Paid/Not Fully Paid Bills can be added to a Batch, up to 200 Bills in different currencies all together. The Airwallex Batch Payment status then is Awaiting Approval.

  2. The specified Approvers authorise Airwallex Batch Payments. Once all approvals have been collected, the status of the request changes to Awaiting Payment.

  3. Payers, as named in the workflow, send payments with Airwallex and confirm them with 2FA. The request status changes to Processing.

  4. Once Airwallex has processed the payment, the payment status of each Bill changes to Sent/Failed/Rejected. If the status is Sent, ApprovalMax automatically creates a payment in Xero, which can be reconciled with a bank statement from Airwallex, and the status of the Airwallex Batch Payment in ApprovalMax changes to Paid.

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