Does ApprovalMax support NetSuite SSO?

Does ApprovalMax support NetSuite SSO?

Currently, NetSuite SSO is not supported. 
However, we do have this planned. Though, at the moment, we cannot commit to any timeframe.

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    • Does ApprovalMax support SSO?

      At the moment, we only support Google, Xero and Intuit Single Sign-On.  We currently do not support Okta, Azure or Office365 SSO. However, we are considering Okta and Azure SSO for development but cannot commit to a time frame right ...
    • Does ApprovalMax support an integration with NetSuite?

      Yes, ApprovalMax has an integration with NetSuite For details on the NetSuite integration, please follow: ApprovalMax for NetSuite. See what integrations does ApprovalMax support.
    • Does ApprovalMax support NetSuite Custom fields?

      Yes, currently, ApprovalMax supports custom fields from NetSuite: How to enable NetSuite custom fields in ApprovalMax In the main menu, select your Organisation and open the Fields page in the Workflow and Settings section: Add custom segments/fields ...
    • ApprovalMax keeps getting disconnected from NetSuite

      Once in a while your Organisation might get disconnected from NetSuite.  This could be due to a variety of reasons, but can usually be resolved by connecting to NetSuite again.  In order to reconnect to NetSuite, click on the menu icon ( ) at the top ...
    • How to contact support

      For technical support: Please use the “Contact Support” button directly in the product: OR, if you don't use the product, fill in the form in our Knowledge base: