Does ApprovalMax support batch approval?

Does ApprovalMax support batch approval?

Yes, ApprovalMax supports Xero Batch payment approvals.
This feature is available in beta, please contact support if you're interested in giving it a try.

Please learn more how does Batch Payment approval work here.
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    • How to contact support

      For technical support: Please use the “Contact Support” button directly in the product: OR, if you don't use the product, fill in the form in our Knowledge base: 
    • How to create a Batch Payment

      How to enable Batch Payment creation: To enable the creation of Batch Payment requests in ApprovalMax, the Batch Payment Creation and Approval workflow needs to be set up and activated: In the Payment Creation section you can specify all users who ...
    • What are the requirements for using the Batch Payment approval process?

      The Xero subscription is active and has not expired The ApprovalMax Organisation is on one of the supported subscription plans: ApprovalMax Trial Organisation connected to Xero (during 14-day free trial period) ApprovalMax Standard plan + Advanced ...
    • Xero Batch Payments: partial payment

      ApprovalMax supports partial payments for Xero Batch Payment requests. Here is how it works: Click on the  button in the right-hand corner. In your Organisation, select Batch Payment and click on CREATE A REQUEST: You can now add Bills to a Batch ...
    • How does the approval of Batch Payments work?

      In ApprovalMax, you can configure a multi-step approval workflow for Batch Payments. This is a separate workflow that you need to set up and activate in order to use the Batch Payment approval process in ApprovalMax.   This is how it works: New Batch ...