How can I enable/disable 2FA?

How can I enable/disable 2FA?

ApprovalMax supports 2FA with time-based one-time passwords. ApprovalMax Administrators can enforce users to enable it, for Australian and Xero-connected Organisations it is mandatory.

For login/password authorisation, there are three options:

  1. Verification code generated by an Authenticator application
  2. ‚ÄčConfirmation code sent to an alternative email address
  3. Using a generated backup code

Suitable Authenticator applications are:

Google Authenticator (Android, iOS), Duo Mobile (Android, iOS), Microsoft Authenticator (Android, iOS), FreeOTP (Android, iOS), Authy ( Android, iOS),  Authenticator or  Windows Authenticator.

This is how you enable 2FA 

  1. Open My Profile under your Avatar.
  2. Click on the   button.
  3. Enter the shared secret generated by ApprovalMax into the Authenticator application:

  1.   Enter the authentication code in ApprovalMax:

  1.  Set up the alternative 2FA option:

    1. Either generate backup codes

      Note: When entering the Backup code, ensure you input it without spaces (eight numbers in a row).
    2. Or set up an alternative email address

  2. Click on DONE to activate 2FA:

Please note: having a password in place is a requirement for the 2FA setup. If you don't have one because you log in via SSO:

  1. Log out

  2. Set up a password (using the reset password link)

  3. Log in with this password

  4. Enable 2FA

This is how you disable 2FA

  1. In My Profile under your Avatar, click on the  button.
  2. Confirm this with an authentication code / confirmation code / backup code:

                Enter the code from the Authenticator app:

                Or, use another authentication method:


  3. Two-factor authentication has now been disabled:

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