Does ApprovalMax integrate with WorkflowMax?

Does ApprovalMax integrate with WorkflowMax?

We often get enquiries about ApprovalMax integrating with WorkflowMax.

There are several scenarios to look at here:

Sales Invoice approval

We do have clients who prepare Sales Invoices in WorkflowMax, push them to Xero, and then have them picked up for approval by ApprovalMax. This is perfectly possible and actually works quite well.

Please refer to the case study with Mazars Thailand.

Bill approval

ApprovalMax can take care of the approval of Bills that were pushed to Xero with the "Awaiting approval" status.

Purchase Order approval

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to approve Purchase Orders that were created in WorkflowMax via ApprovalMax. We are in touch with the WorkflowMax team to enable this option.

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