Create and approve Purchase Orders and Bills

Create and approve Purchase Orders and Bills

Requester's guide.
Approver’s guide.
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    • Which Purchase Orders are available for matching?

      Purchase Orders (PO) can only be matched to Bills if:  PO and Bill have the same Supplier and Currency  PO is not marked as "Billed". Billed status can be revised. PO date does not exceed the Bill date (if the "No, do not allow matching Bills with ...
    • How can I match Bills with their initial Purchase Orders?

      The current Bill Approver, Purchase Order Requester, or the Administrator can match Bills and approved Purchase Orders with the same currency and supplier up to that point where the Bill got approved / the Purchase Order was closed - provided the ...
    • How can I create a Purchase Order in ApprovalMax?

      To create a Purchase Order (or any other request) in ApprovalMax, click on the "NEW REQUEST" button in the top right-hand corner near your Avatar:  In the pop-up window, select the request type from the respective Organisation and click on "CREATE ...
    • Advanced Matching: How to handle cases where the Bill is different from the Purchase Order

      Sometimes Purchase Orders and the subsequent Bills do not match. However, there are several solutions you can use to fix this issue:   Allocate the amount only partially. Ignore the fact that Purchase Order and Bill are different. You still have the ...
    • Up to which point in the workflow can Bill to PO matching be done?

      The Bill to PO matching can be done up to the point where the: Bill is approved Purchase Order* is marked as billed * – only approved Purchase Orders originated both in Xero and ApprovalMax can be matched with Bills.