Connections list overview

Connections list overview

The Connections List page is a dedicated webpage designed to facilitate the management of connections in ApprovalMax. It provides a secure environment for users to effectively manage their connections and ensure optimal security.

On the Connections List page, you'll find several important details and options, including:

1. Connection Name: refers to the name of the application that you created on the ApprovalMax Developer Portal.
2. Number of Organisations: indicates the total number of Organisations that are linked to each connection. By clicking on a number, you can access a list of these Organisations:


3. Connection Status: reflects the current status of each connection, indicating whether it is enabled or disabled.
4. Connection Creation Date: displays the date when each connection was initially created.
5. Options to Disable/Enable and/or Delete: you can disable or enable each connection as needed, which ensures flexibility for managing the API access. Additionally, if desired, you can choose to delete a connection entirely, removing it from your ApprovalMax account.

By utilising the options available on the Connections List page, you can effectively manage individual connections associated with your account.

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