Can I enter my own values in the fields of a stand-alone request?

Can I enter my own values in the fields of a stand-alone request?

Unfortunately, you can only use the predefined values that have been specified in the approval matrix by an Administrator of the Organisation.
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      In stand-alone requests, you can create any drop-down field you need. To do that, open the approval matrix of the respective stand-alone workflow: Click on “Add field” and type in a name for the new field: In the approval matrix, you can create ...
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    • Why are the links that were added to a stand-alone request not clickable?

      Links that were added to a stand-alone request are not clickable because this would pose a security risk. To minimise the risk of clicking on a phishing link, ApprovalMax does not support hyperlinks in stand-alone workflows.
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      Please follow the steps below to test a stand-alone solution: Navigate to the main menu  in the upper left-hand corner, in Organisation selection section click on "+ Add an Organisation": In the pop-up window, select "Connect later" and "Next": Then, ...
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      An Organisation's Administrator can provide a message that will be shown to Requesters during request creation. This is how instructions for Stand-alone Requesters can be set up:  In the main menu  (in the left upper corner) select your Organisation ...