Can I try ApprovalMax with my NetSuite sandbox?

Can I try ApprovalMax with my NetSuite sandbox?

Connecting ApprovalMax to NetSuite allows you to set up Bill Approval workflows. When you connect to a NetSuite sandbox, you can try ApprovalMax for NetSuite without worrying about affecting your production account.

What is NetSuite Sandbox?

NetSuite sandboxes give you a safe and isolated test account in which you can develop and test new applications and customisations without worrying about affecting your production account. You can have one or more sandboxes provisioned for each production account. Each Sandbox account has the same configuration, data and customisations as your company's production account.

Sandbox accounts provide ideal places for:
  1. Testing customisation elements before deployment
  2. Fixing issues with existing customisations
  3. Trying third-party integration features
  4. Training employees in existing and new business practices in an account identical to your production account

How does it work?

Actions you take in Sandbox accounts (such as transaction entries, record deletions and customisations), have no effect on your NetSuite production account. You can feel free to make any changes in a Sandbox account without affecting your production data. ApprovalMax offers a 14-day trial with all features available free of charge. 

Is it possible to reconnect an ApprovalMax Organisation which was previously connected to NetSuite Sandbox to a NetSuite production account?

Every ApprovalMax Organisation establishes a one-to-one relationship with its connected subsidiary in NetSuite. Once a connection has been activated, it won’t be possible to reconnect the same ApprovalMax Organisation to another NetSuite subsidiary.

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      Currently, NetSuite SSO is not supported.  However, we do have this planned. Though, at the moment, we cannot commit to any timeframe.
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      It is possible to configure ApprovalMax in a way that it pulls all Bills in the Pending Approval status from NetSuite and starts the respective approval workflow for them. In order to do so, go to the Bill Approval workflow, click on the Add ...
    • How does the approval of NetSuite Bills work?

      ApprovalMax enables multi-step approval workflows for NetSuite Bills. This is how it works: Bills are created in NetSuite in the Pending Approval status. ApprovalMax pulls these Bills including all relevant details and starts the multi-step approval ...
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      All Bills pulled to ApprovalMax from NetSuite are created on behalf of a user called NetSuite Requester. This user is notified about all key events: approvals, rejections, comments. A common reason for the NetSuite Requester to not get any ...
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      ApprovalMax pushes only fully authorised Invoices (i.e., all assigned Approvers have approved) to NetSuite. Once an Invoice has been fully approved, it has the "Approved" watermark and the approval audit report attached. You'll be able to open it in ...