Can I search for QuickBooks Online Expenses?

Can I search for QuickBooks Online Expenses?

Yes, ApprovalMax does have a search function for Expenses.
In the Search pop-up window, select the request type (Expense), set additional filters, and click on SEARCH:

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    • Can I pull Expenses from QuickBooks Online to ApprovalMax?

      Yes, ApprovalMax supports pulling of existing Expenses from QuickBooks Online without going through the appropriate approval workflow in ApprovalMax. Besides, you can create your Expense requests directly in ApprovalMax or pull them from Dext, run ...
    • Attaching files to QuickBooks Online Expenses

      During the creation of QuickBooks Online Expenses in ApprovalMax, you can attach files. However, some technical limitations do apply. Below are supported file extensions, size and number of files that can be attached: File extensions: '.pdf', ...
    • In which plans are QuickBooks Online Expenses available?

      The approval of QuickBooks Online Expense requests is available in all subscription plans as well as during the trial period.
    • How can I find a particular request? (QuickBooks Online)

      When looking for a particular request you can use the search function in the top right-hand corner. The search function is available in all list views for requests. and in your "Requires my decision" view. You can search all your organisations and ...
    • Can I search for requests in the mobile app?

      No, the search function is not supported in the mobile app. Please use the web app to find particular requests. For more information, please refer to:  How to find a request in ApprovalMax (Xero) How to find a request in ApprovalMax (QuickBooks ...