Can I pull Bills from QuickBooks Online to ApprovalMax?

Can I pull Bills from QuickBooks Online to ApprovalMax?

Yes, ApprovalMax supports pulling existing Bills from QuickBooks Online without going through the appropriate approval workflow in ApprovalMax. 

Besides, you can create your Bills directly in ApprovalMax, run them through predefined approval workflow and then push the approved Bills to QuickBooks Online. This works the same way as the creation of Purchase Orders. For further details, please refer to our article: "How does the "Bill creation and approval" workflow for QuickBooks Online work.
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    • Can I see the Paid status of QuickBooks Online Bills in ApprovalMax?

      Yes, ApprovalMax will show a Paid stamp on the Bills - if they are paid in QuickBooks Online and the option "Pull from connected Organisation" has been turned on for Bills and in reports (for Bills with the Paid status):
    • How to pull Bills from Xero

      You can configure ApprovalMax to retrieve all Bills in the "Submitted for approval" status from Xero and initiate the corresponding approval workflow. Here's how you can enable the pulling of Bills with this status from Xero: In the main menu select ...
    • Troubleshooting: why are my Xero Purchase Orders/Bills not pulled to ApprovalMax?

      In order to pull Purchase Orders/Bills from Xero, you need to ensure the following: 1. The Purchase Order/Bill workflow is activated and the "Pulling from Xero" step is set up:  How do I set up the "Pulling from Xero" step for Purchase Orders?  How ...
    • QuickBooks Online Bill duplication control

      ApprovalMax supports the identification of possible duplicate Bills and notifies Requesters and Approvers at every stage with a message to ensure their awareness. Requesters can consider this after creating the Bill, while Approvers can keep it in ...
    • Can I pull Journal Entries from QuickBooks Online to ApprovalMax?

      No. QuickBooks Online Journal Entries must be created in ApprovalMax, and only the respective Requesters as specified in the Journal Entry workflow are able to do.