Can I email Bills/Purchase Orders to an ApprovalMax Organisation?

Can I email Bills/Purchase Orders to an ApprovalMax Organisation?

Unfortunately, no.
Currently, we do not support Purchase Order/Bill creation via emailing them as attachments.
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      The current Bill Approver, Purchase Order Requester, or the Administrator can match Bills and approved Purchase Orders with the same currency and supplier up to that point where the Bill got approved / the Purchase Order was closed - provided the ...
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      In order to pull Purchase Orders/Bills from Xero, you need to ensure the following: 1. The Purchase Order/Bill workflow is activated and the "Pulling from Xero" step is set up:  How do I set up the "Pulling from Xero" step for Purchase Orders?  How ...
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      ApprovalMax applies a limit to the number of Purchase Orders that are displayed, only the first 100 Purchase Orders are shown.  We'd advise you to properly mark Purchase Orders as Billed once they are not needed for matching anymore.