Can I delete a Contact in ApprovalMax?

Can I delete a Contact in ApprovalMax?

Requesters can edit or cancel Contact requests before all approvals have been collected:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete a fully approved Contact in ApprovalMax.

If you need to change or delete a Contact after full approval, you need to do it directly in Xero.

This is how you can amend or archive a Contact in Xero:

Open the Contact in Xero and click on "Edit" if you need to make changes, or on "Archive" if you want to delete the Contact:

When you have applied your changes in Xero, sync the Contacts to ApprovalMax.

Please note: at the moment, we don't support post-approval changes for Contacts. So, even if you change a Contact in Xero, such changes will not be reflected in the approval request for Contact creation in ApprovalMax.

Please note: amendments will not be applied to already created requests with such a Contact. In order to apply changes (for example, the name) to already created but not yet fully approved requests, open that request for editing in ApprovalMax and save once finished. The approval process will then start from scratch.

If you archive a Contact, the request will be rejected by Xero even after its final approval in ApprovalMax.