Can I connect a different Dext account to my ApprovalMax Organisation? (Xero)

Can I connect a different Dext account to my ApprovalMax Organisation? (Xero)

If your ApprovalMax Organisation is already connected to a Dext account and you want to change this connection to another Dext account, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log into the Dext account to which you want to make the new connection.
  2. Go to Connections > Integrations and connect to ApprovalMax for Xero.

  3. Click on the Connect Software button:

  4. Select the ApprovalMax Organisation you want to connect to and click on the ALLOW ACCESS button:

  5. As a result, the new Dext account will be connected to your ApprovalMax Organisation:

Important note: the integration with the previously connected Dext account should be active in ApprovalMax at the time of connecting to a new Dext account. Do not disconnect your ApprovalMax Organisation from the old Dext account before changing its connection to a new one in Dext. Otherwise, if you click on the Reconnect button in ApprovalMax after the connection to a new Dext account has been performed, it will trigger the reconnection to the old Dext account:

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