Can Approvers see all historical data?

Can Approvers see all historical data?

Yes, Approvers can see all historical data. However, they are only able to change any of the settings if the Auditor role has been assigned to them.
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    • What Xero data does ApprovalMax modify?

      ApprovalMax works with Xero data in two modes: In write mode (with documents created in ApprovalMax and pushed to Xero as well as with Bills in the first approval step - if the feature Bill review and approval is set up). In read-only mode (with ...
    • Is it possible to copy historical data from one organisation to another?

      Unfortunately, this is not possible to copy historical data such as requests, reports, matching from one ApprovalMax Organisation to another.
    • Synchronisation of related Xero data

      ApprovalMax pulls related Xero data such as Contacts/Accounts/Themes etc. every 2 hours. To speed up this process, the Administrator of an Organisation can force the synchronisation manually. To do so, go to either the approval or requester matrix in ...
    • How often is data synced with Xero?

      Pulling new documents and pushing back approval decisions ApprovalMax pulls new Credit Notes/Purchase Orders every 1 hour during a day. However, due to Xero API limitations, it’s not possible to get them right after they’ve been created. For Bills ...
    • How can I restrict Approvers from changing Approvers on the fly? (NetSuite)

      If you want to restrict Approvers from changing or adding Approvers in the request itself, please contact the Customer Support team. We will then enable a special feature for your Organisation, which prevents that Approvers can make such changes. ...