Can I have multiple subscriptions?

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

It's possible to have any number of subscriptions under the same ApprovalMax account. Each subscription is independent in terms of:
  • Number of Organisations
  • Billing cycle and related invoices
  • Payment method
  • ApprovalMax plan and other details
Volume-based discounts are applied individually for each subscription and start from 5 Organisations in total.
For example: if you buy two subscriptions, one for 10 Organisations and one for 4 Organisations, you'll get a discount based on 10 Organisations for the first subscription and a discount based on 4 Organisations for the second subscription.

This is how you add a subscription:
  • In the ApprovalMax product interface, click on Billing & Subscriptions under your initials/logo in the top right-hand corner:

  • Go to the Subscriptions tab.
  • Select your country and currency and click on CONFIRM:

  • Follow the wizard steps:

  • Proceed to checkout by clicking on the button .

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