Budget Checking v1

Budget Checking v1

The new significantly improved version of our feature to enable checking Bills and Purchase Orders against the budgets that got pulled from Xero is already available as part of the Advanced/Premium features trial.

Please note: we will discontinue the support of Budget Checking v1 on 12 January 2022. If you want to continue using our Budget Checking feature, it is recommended to switch to the new version v2.

‚ÄčTo use our improved Budget Checking v2, turn on the Advanced plan trial in ApprovalMax or upgrade right away.

If you need any assistance with the transition, please get in touch with our Customer Support or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Learn more about feature deprecation here.

Here is how Budget Checking v1 works:

  1. Prepare a budget in Xero and export it to a .CSV file:

  2. In ApprovalMax click on the menu, select your Organisation and open "Budget checking":

  1.  In the "Budget checking" section of your Organisation, you can upload .CSV files:

  2. Submit a Bill or Purchase Order for approval, go to the "Requires my decision" list in ApprovalMax, and click on "Refresh".
    You will see how this Bill/Purchase Order fits into the defined budget, taking into account the current spendings to date:

Please note: ApprovalMax does not check budgets against Xero 0 lines.

Feel free to watch our video for more details on this topic.