Budget Checking feature v1 discontinuation support – frequently asked questions

Budget Checking feature v1 discontinuation support – frequently asked questions

  1. Question: What will happen with my data if I don’t upgrade?
    Answer: On the date of discontinuation, Budget Checking v1 will be deactivated and hidden from the menu. All Budget Checking information will be removed from requests.
  2. Question: How can I upgrade my subscription?
    Answer: The details are available in our Knowledge Base article How to upgrade your subscription
  3. Question: What happens to the historical data if I upgrade?
    Answer: All historical data will be available and fully visible to you, and nothing will get lost.
  4. Question: I used Budget Checking v1 with my Standard subscription, then I tried v2 and decided not to buy. Can I continue using v1?
    Answer: You can use the Budget Checking v1 till 12 January 2022 only.  To ensure the business process continuity please upgrade to a new Advanced plan.

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