Approval decision policy (QuickBooks Online)

Approval decision policy (QuickBooks Online)

If you have the same Approvers in several steps of an approval workflow, you can decide whether they all have to approve in each and every one of the steps, or if the approval decision made in the first step is to be applied to all other steps too.

This is how it can be set up:

  1. Go to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner, select your Organisation and open the "Approval workflows" page under "Workflows and settings" section:

  2. Select the respective workflow and click on the gear icon:

  3. Navigate to APPROVAL DECISION POLICY and select your preferred option:

    The setting "All steps at once" applies the first approval decision automatically to all steps - if the Approver has been selected for several steps and is the first to approve.
  4. When done, save your changes and update the approval workflow.