2FA enforcement

2FA enforcement

Using 2FA protects from unauthorised access to a person's account and increases data security. 
Due to Xero requirements, ApprovalMax enforces 2FA for all users that access Xero-connected Organisations.

ApprovalMax is now offering two types of 2FA enforcement:
  1. Soft enforcement: every time a user reloads a webpage, they will be prompted to set up 2FA. An email notification with a reminder will be sent additionally on a weekly basis:

  2. Hard enforcement: every user action will redirect the user to the 2FA enforcement webpage. An email notification with a reminder will be sent on a daily basis:

Administrators can choose between the two enforcement types on the Organisation page:

2FA enforcement is turned on for all Xero-connected Organisations.

Organisations that are not connected to Xero, the enforcement of 2FA is optional. 

Further information regarding the functionality and other available options will be disclosed at a later time.

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