5. ApprovalMax for Xero

  1. How to connect to Xero

  2. Why do suppliers not appear in ApprovalMax after being created in Xero?

  3. How to create suppliers directly in ApprovalMax?

  4. Can I try without using real Xero data?

  5. What happens after an approval/rejection

  6. Supported countries, taxes, currencies

  7. Are attachments downloaded?

  8. How Accountants are notified about an approval

  9. How a lock date is handled

  10. What Xero data does ApprovalMax modify?

  11. Xero data sync period

  12. What "Xero API call rate exceeded" means

  13. Are audit reports sent to the customer with the Sales Invoice?

  14. Why are taxes changed to Tax Exclusive after the PO is sent?

  15. How does the Xero Purchasing Officer find out if an email with the Purchase Order has been sent to the Supplier

  16. What are tracking categories used for?

  17. How can I print an approved PO from Xero?

  18. What is the Requester?

  19. How can I print an approved PO from ApprovalMax?

  20. Reports

  21. Our rules contain base currency values; what if we have a request with another currency?

  22. How to cancel a rejected request

  23. Why does the Item Code not show in the PO PDF?

  24. Why sometimes Audit Reports are not attached to Xero document?

  25. Why Xero requester is not getting notifications?

  26. Why do I get "5015 - Failed to validate signature" error

  27. Can I download multiple Audit Reports in a single archive?

  28. Accrual Report .csv for Xero Manual Journal Entry

  29. What access should Xero users working with ApprovalMax have

  30. How to enable Bill to PO Matching

  31. Who can do Bill to PO Matching

  32. When can Bill to PO Matching be done?

  33. Which Purchase Orders are available for matching?

  34. How to match Bills with their initial Purchase Orders

  35. Why are Bills not pulled from Xero to ApprovalMax?

  36. Advanced settings for Bill to PO matching

  37. How is Bill to PO Matching reflected in reporting?

  38. What is Bill to PO Matching?

  39. Budget Management

  40. How to configure the PDF file of a Purchase Order that will be sent to the customer

  41. Mark PO as Billed

  42. How to split lines?

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