Available subscriptions

There are three subscriptions available: ApprovalMax for Xero, ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online and ApprovalMax Professional Plan. Each subscription allows any number of users and any number of approval requests. They only differ in the kind of workflow that can be configured:

ApprovalMax for Xero

This subscription covers approval workflows for Xero items such as Bills, Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, Credit Notes. Generic workflows not related to Xero items are not supported.

ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online

This subscription covers Purchase order approval workflows for QuickBooks Online. Generic workflows not related to QuickBooks items are not supported.  

ApprovalMax Professional Plan

This subscription supports workflows for any finance matter, including flows for the available integrations. For example: an investment company can set up approval workflows for Xero Bills as well as for Cash Calls that have nothing to do with Xero.

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