How ApprovalMax is licensed

ApprovalMax is licensed per organisation for any number of users, requests and workflows.

In case you want to use ApprovalMax in connection to your accounting software, please note that each organisation in ApprovalMax corresponds to one particular organisation in the accounting system (Xero or QuickBooks Online).

So say if you have one Xero file, you'll need ApprovalMax subscription for one organisation. If you have 5 Xero files, you'll need ApprovalMax subscription for 5 organisations.

If you retire a connected organisation in your accounting system, you also need to retire the corresponding organisation in ApprovalMax. A retired ApprovalMax organisation frees up space for a new organisation in the subscription where it was assigned to. The subscription billing itself is not automatically reduced upon organisation retirement. You need to downgrade the subscription if you do not want to assign a new organisation. Subscription downgrade will reduce your monthly billing.

ApprovalMax offers different subscription plans, for the details please refer to Which subscription plan is right for me.

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