Approval of Xero Bills pulled from Expensify

It is perfectly possible to set up approval workflows for Bills that are pushed to Xero by Expensify  .

Once your invoices has been pushed from Expensify to Xero, you can approve them in ApprovalMax. It allows you to implement multi-step approval workflows based upon specific criteria for users in your organisation, and approve invoices and purchase orders outside of Xero

Both Expensify and ApprovalMax are pre-integrated with Xero. 
A typical flow looks like this: Expensify > Xero > ApprovalMax > Xero. 

How it works: 
  • Expenses are first submitted to Expensify and then published to Xero (either in "Draft" or "Awaiting approval" status:
  • If they are published in "Draft" status, an accountant needs to click "Submit for approval" in Xero for ApprovalMax to pick them up
  • If they are published in "Awaiting approval" status, ApprovalMax will automatically pick them up within 30 minutes and start the approval workflow for them. This is usually the preferred time to do Bill review and coding, as the Approvers will have the required business knowledge and authority to assign the account and tracking category parameters to the Bills 
  • A multi-step approval workflow is initiated by ApprovalMax, and approval requests are routed to the designated approvers. Approval routing rules are captured in the Approval Matrix by the Administrator. Approvers are notified of pending approval requests by email and push notifications via the smartphone app. Approval requests can be completed from directly within the email, the web platform, and via the mobile apps
  • At every approval step, an audit report is created capturing data relating to the time and date of the approval, as well as the approver’s name and their comments, should they leave any
  • Once the approval workflow is completed, the approved documents are marked as "Authorised" in Xero, it's status is changed from "Awaiting approval" to "Awaiting payment" 

To set up the Expensify + ApprovalMax workflow, follow these four simple steps:
  1. Connect Expensify to Xero.
  2. Set up Expensify to publish Bills to Xero in status "Awaiting approval".
  3. Connect ApprovalMax to Xero. Bills will be pulled from Xero to ApprovalMax every 30 minutes.
  4. As soon as the Bill is approved in ApprovalMax, it will be marked as "Authorised" in Xero. An approval log will be created for audit purposes.

Learn how to set up approval workflows for Xero Bills.

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