Approval of Xero Bills pulled from Expensify

It is perfectly possible to set up approval workflows for Bills that are pushed to Xero by Expensify  .

A typical flow looks like this: Expensify > Xero > ApprovalMax > Xero. 

How it works: 
  • Expenses are first submitted to Expensify and then published to Xero (either in "Draft" or "Awaiting approval" status:
  • If they are published as "Awaiting approval", ApprovalMax will automatically pick them up within 30 minutes and start the approval workflow specified for them.
  • If they are published as "Draft", an accountant needs to click "Submit for approval" in Xero first before ApprovalMax can pick them up.
  • Once a Bill is approved in ApprovalMax, it's status in Xero is changed from "Awaiting approval" to "Awaiting payment".
Learn how to set up approval workflows for Xero Bills.

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